Easy way to Increase Traffic

Ways to increase traffic in your websites

You should know the ways to increase pagerankings to get more traffic to your blogsites.Every blogger wants more and more traffic towards his blog. So, to increase traffic to your blog here are some tricks for blog exposure.


This is the first step to increase traffic towards your blog. make sure that you have enough relevant keywords in your blog post so that people may find you on search engines.


Tagging is also similar method which involves creating keywords that your articles will be read under. You may use sites like Technorati to do this.

Pinging on post updates

You should submit your RSS feeds to Yahoo and Google search engines so that site will be indexed and notified when the posting is done. Ping sites help to increase blog exposure. Whenever you add a post to your blog you should ping it so that a ping site like Ping-O-Matic will be able to recognize it as updated.

Link Trading

This can free or paid. You may deal with some another blogger to have link exchanging. Also, their are some sites which provides widgets for site link exchange. You may use Entrecard or Blogrush for improving traffic. This helps to increase blog exposure because the blog you link to will recognize you and promote your blog as a result.You may go to the site:
www.linkmetro.com, http://onewaylinkexchange.net, You could also search for "free oneway linking" in Google.

Article Marketting

Post some articles in some Directories and add your blogsite there.They will linking you blogsite.You may go there: "suggest my link to the linkpartners.com directory" by Google


Advertising lets the user know about your site and attract him towards it. So, if you can pay some bucks for advertising, you may sign-up for Advertising networks such as Adwords, Adbrite and Bidvertiser. There are many more present but here I’ve suggested some popular and cheap programs.


I’ve already mentioned about backlinks and how to get them easily. Backlinks denotes your site’s popularity on web-world, its direct effect is that your Alexa ranking improves gradually. So, High ranking websites get High-traffic rate.You may conact through e-mail with the websites having good page ranks.Send request for link of your website: arifin.pasha@yahoo.com

I hope the tips mentioned above will surely help you in driving traffic towards your blog.See more on next updates. NEWS

Happy Blogging


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