Add Visitor Counter in Blog

Stat counter is great analyzer of your blog. It is very smart visitor tracker. The speciality is that it gives you opportunity to add many counters for more sites in only one account. When sign up you need to add one site. After that you could add more counter for your other sites.Follow the steps to add visitor counter :

  • Sign in to your account, Click 'Add New Project' which is under my Projects.
  • Now give some information like previous time you give for your first site. Such as Website Title, Website URL etc.
  • Then Statcounter congrats you and informed you that your project has been created. Now click on 'CONFIGURE & INSTALL CODE>>'.
  • Now you can select visible, invisible etc counter. We recommend 'Button Only'. Click the box you wish. Now click 'Next'.
  • Now choose any of the Buttons and click 'Next'.
  • Click 'Next' again if you not configure any more thing.
  • Now Stat counter gives you a HTML code.
  • Copy the code and paste the code on your sites homepage.

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