How to increase adsense earnings

Adsense gives you .01 $ in per click but some are earning 1-10 $ in per click. People who are deeply depend on adsense earnings need proper use of their blog content. Now telling you about how you can earn more from adsense using your blog content.

Keywords :
The main factor of adsense earning is high paying keywords. You need to use high paying keywords. High paying keywords.

Ads Format and Color:
Ads format worked well for the majority is the Large Rectangle (336X280). Select your ads color as background as your site and links as your site links.

Placement :
Your ads placement can gives you advantages. Below I have given some example.
  • Right Text ads - 0.79% (CTR) $1.42 (eCPM)
  • Left Text ads - 1.31% (CTR) $5.29 (eCPM)
  • Top image ads - 0.36% (CTR) $1.75 (eCPM)
  • Top text ads - 0.34% (CTR) $2.18 (eCPM)
  • Under text image ads - 0.58% (CTR) $1.86 (eCPM)
  • Under text ads - 0.44% (CTR) $2.28 (eCPM)


Permanent Ads:
You should change your ads randomly. Ads should be permanent. Then it will increase your earnings. But you should select your ads when it is high paying other wise you should change.

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