How to increase Blog Visitor

The Business bloggers are interested about visitor or hit on their blog. But many new bloggers could not recognize how to increase. The people who are using adsense for earning money need high load of visitor for making more money from their blogs.

When I started my first blog their are few visitors of my blog from google search. Now I am going to tell about some tricks I have experienced.
  • Publishing Rate :
You should publish minimum 5 post in a day. When you stop your visitor will decrease. The reason of that condition is that Search Engines are the main source of your visitor. It is the search engine optimization matter. The Engines will show your blog when it is regularly updated.
  • Unique Post :
It is the main factor of a blog. You should not copy paste from other blog or popular web site. These kinds of post will increase your visitor. Cause Search Engines like unique posts.
  • Write Interesting Articles :
Write interesting articles for your visitor like story,news,electrical materials,solution,free service etc. People will like your post and will return always.
  • Join International Community :
Join Recognized popular Blogger community like Digg, Blogcatalog, Bloglog, Top of blogs etc.
  • Comments :
Give comments in others blog or web site. Do it everyday in about 10 blog or web site. This tricks is really awsome.

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