Minima White 5col 5.0 Template Download

Minima White 5col 5.0 Template is a 5 column Template. It is really rare in web. This exclusive 5 column template are very useful template for AdSense user who wants to give a better ads combination that people could not understand which are the ads. It can increase adsense earnings.

Template Feature :

  • 5 Column
  • 1 Main Column
  • Colorful Sidebar
  • Feedjit Live Traffic Feed
  • Nice Footer
  • Great Simple Header
You can download this 5column template for free. Then you could edit this template as you like. You can add any widget easily in this template. Your ad combination will be better and I think your CTR rate could be incresed by using this template. Just Download this 5 column template and enjoy blogging.

Download Minima White 5col 5.0 Template

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