"Continue Reading" widget in Blog

Many bloggers like to add "Continue Reading" widget in their blogs. Blooger blogs showfull post in a page or home page. The problem is that bloggers can not shoe their many post in a short space in home page.This is the blogger widget ever used. It will show many post in short space in blog home page. Visitors can read their inteested post after click a “Continue Reading....” link to see the full post. This is very helpful if you have lots of long articles all on one page.

Step #1 :

1. Download the full template before applying
"Continue Reading" widget.

2. Add the following code given below after this code: div class='post-header-line-1' and div class='post-header-line'

This will be look like the image bellow :

3. Now add the following code after this code: data:post.body/

This will be look like the image bellow :

Step #2 - Create a New Post
You can apply this tricky widgets in which post you want. While writting your post, anything you put above the the {span class="fullpost"} (replace {=<>) tag will be the teaser text. The main body of your post needs to go in between the {span class="fullpost"} and {/span} (replace {=<>) tags in order for the “Continue Reading..…” link to work properly. See the image below.



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