Google Changes Favicon How can You ?

Google Change their favicon. The new favicon is cheerful but less comforting. The old one was better. It makes a lot of sense: the small g is a symbol for infinity (∞). A googol (10100) is just a poor approximation for the huge amount of information that needs to be indexed by Google.

This minor things of changing a favorite icon is noticed by people immediately. Google, sometime over night, updated their favorite icon to a new icon. The favorite icon is the (g/G) icon that is displayed in the browser URL bar on most modern browsers.

Google's new fav icon

Now the question is that how could you change your blogger favicon. Let's descrive me the process how you can change your bloggers favicon as you like.

Creating Favicon :

You need to create or download a nice Favicon for your blog. Now give it a format of 16x16 pixel. Then save your Favicon in 'favicon.ico' format.

Install Favicon :

googlepages Now you need to upload this Favicon in the web space. You can use your hosting provider or a free way in Google Page Creator. Upload the favicon.ico file to your Google pages directory as shown in the picture.

Installing Favicon to Blogger

First, open your Blogger account.

1. Click on 'Layout' option.

2. Then go on 'Edit HTML'

3. Download your current template for back in case of accident. But don't worry.

4. Now you need to add the codes below right after the "head" code:


Change some thing before you use: Change '' to your uploaded picture address.

4. Save your settings then view your blog what happened. Cheer up !!!

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