Earn money by Playing Online Games

A game site that has recently got quite a lot of buzz is the Moola.com. This game site probably will impress you because it is free to join and play for cash.When you just started, Moola will give you $0.01 to play game. Every time you win, you double your balance.

So, if you play your first game and win, your balance will double from $0.01 to $0.02 and then if you go on to play another game and win as well, you are up to $0.04. Winning 30 times in a row, you'll get $10,737,418.24.Winning $10,737,418.24 seems impossible in reality. No one has ever won that amount before. But, there are members reporting that they have cashed out thousands to date. So, you can potentially earn some extra money playing games in Moola. The games in Moola require more luck than skill.There are three main games to choose from. Ro-Sham-Bo-Fu, Gold Rush, and Hi-Lo. All the games don't take long time to complete, usually a few minute. If you win, your earning up but if you lose, you'll start over with $0.01 again.Moola is by invitation only. If you like to join, you can get an instant invitation here. Once you have joined, you can also send out invitation email to your friends to join Moola. For each person that invited by you and joined Moola, you’ll get $0.32 credited to your account. So, you can add up your earning through inviting people to join Moola as well.The bad news about Moola is that it is available to residents of the United States and Canada only (excluding Louisiana, Nevada and Quebec). International members can play but cannot cash out earning.


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