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Free Traffic For Your Site/Blog

Super-Clix is a free contextually based, text ad advertising system designed to achieve maximum, highly targeted web site traffic for website owners. Through Super-Clix , a member’s text ad is continuously displayed prominently on hundreds of site targeted web sites by category.

Every web site owner knows that the success of any web site depends on quality web site traffic. Up until now, the only way to achieve this was through expensive pay-per-click (ppc) campaigns that virtually erodes any money the web site makes. To use ppc advertising for any decent campaign requires very deep pockets.

Not any more. We, at Super-Clix, have developed our very own text ad advertising system using the latest proprietary technology. We are thus able to serve a member’s text ad to hundreds of content specific, targeted web sites on a continuous basis, 24/7 - at no charge to the member whatsoever. If your web site needs quality, content targeted web site traffic, then join Super-Clix now.

How it works

Simply sign up for a free account and place a 2-3 line text ad with headline. Copy and paste the snippet code on your own site. This snippet code enables your web site to host a few text ads in return. Within 24 hours, after ad approval, our robot visits your web site and once it detects that your snippet code is up, your very own text ad goes live and our system serves your ad to hundreds of web sites on a continuous basis.

  • Totally free traffic
  • Quality web site traffic
  • Highly content targeted free traffic – your ad only appears on web sites that have similar content as yours
  • Change your ad as many times as you like
  • Complete stats showing you how your ad is performing, how many clicks your ad is getting, etc – thus enabling you to take full control of your campaign
  • Your ad is served on a continuous basis, 24/7
  • Fully automated system

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