How to make a sitemap

How to make a sitemap?
After Google,yahoo and Microsoft agreeing on using on sitemap configuration for indexing any website or blog its going to be an important factor to come into search engines.Sitemaps aren’t any scary thing.To make them is a peace of cake just remember to not change your links too often else it will break your indexing on search engines.Learn Full Tutorial.For Bloggers:
There are two plugin implemented for wordpress and it works on 2.0.I have implemented both of them.
* Sitemap.xml Generator…….Demo on my blog here.This plugin is great.It can build your sitemap and ping google about it too.It rebuilds your sitemap every time you make a post or page and ping again.Buy my suggestion is after you create a sitemap,you should go and submit by telling the location of your stitemap individually. This will be helpful in SEO.
* Visual Sitemap Generaor.…..Demo on my blog here.This one is useful for viewers who are looking for a particular category.They can just go the page and find and then click on it to read the post.Too good. This can be helpful for new readers.

Sitemaps XML format:
The Sitemap protocol format consists of XML tags. All data values in a Sitemap must be entity-escaped. The file itself must be UTF-8 encoded.The Sitemap must:

* Begin with an opening tag and end with a closing tag.
* Specify the namespace (protocol standard) within the tag.
* Include a entry for each URL, as a parent XML tag.
* Include a child entry for each parent tag.

How to make a sitemap for blogger:
It’s very simple in Blogger. It only requires you to go to the Google Webmaster Central and ass your site feed and the sitemap is automatically created. You can get detail instruction on this here.Make sure that you submit your full feed and not partial one.Click this link to learn about sitemap.

There are lot of free online and downloadable sitemap generators.
Here’s a simplified listing :

Python Scipt - This is the most difficult one to install. But if you are familiar with python, then this is the best one around.It’s automated and requires no additional support.I don’t recommend it for a beginner.Requires technical knowledge.

Online sitemaps - This is best for small websites. It’s easy, simple and online.Just go to this site and submit your url.Fill in some basic details like time and priority settings for the files and click go!The whole sitemap will be generated online.You will get both ROR file and the Google sitemap XML file.If you are interested only in Google, use the XML sitemap.The format is according to Google sitemap protocol and is faultless.
Best choice for beginners and small websites of less than 500 pages.

Gsite Crawler - This is a downloadable application. If your website is a bit large and you have time to tweak some settings and is serious about sitemap, then i would recommend this guy for you.

Click this link to learn how to install site map at Google Webmaster Tool.

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