Make money with Zango

Zango has developed a unique solution to this economic dilemma. Through what Zango calls its "Content Economy," Zango advertisers, Zango web publishers and content creators are able to use Zango's proprietary automated technology to earn income through the sales of products and distribution of web content and tools. With the Content Economy model, consumers are able to access and enjoy web content and entertainment for free, because when they search or browse online for products and services, they see ads from Zango advertisers. Zango delivers ads that are relevant at the time someone is shopping for that specific product. Making money with Zango is a breeze. Because of this unique method of "time-shifted" advertising, Zango advertisers earn industry-leading return on investment for their marketing dollars.

Zango web publishers and Zango content providers get paid by Zango for distributing their creative assets. Zango earns revenue from online advertisers, and thus, keeps this new Content Economy alive and thriving.

Zango has more than 20 million opt-in users and tens of thousands of new consumers opt-in every day to enjoy entertaining and useful online content. With over 20 millions users, Zango an ideal making money machine.
Zango is committed to safe and ethical Best Practices and offers two deskto advertising product lines under the brands Zango and Hotbar. As a result it becomes more and more easy to make money with Zango.

Zango was founded in 1999, the company has maintained a positive operating profit every quarter since the fourth quarter of 2001, is privately-held and based in Bellevue, Wash. Zango employs more than 200 people globally and in addition to its headquarters, has offices in New York, Las Vegas, Montreal, London and Tel Aviv. The strong team behind Zango and its huge expension make it even easier for advertisers to make money with Zango.

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