Article Quality

Increasing Website Traffic by Increasing Article Quality

Quality article writing is some how challenging, needs patience and planning, but it worth Millions. A well written niche article attracts quality traffic and increase the readership of a website than any other website traffic inducing methods.

Quality article depends on best writing strategies, herewith I have outlined some strategies will improve the quality of the article writing and it leads to effective writing for the internet.

Planning A Proper Objective:
Before start writing, a clear vision should be in mind, What will be the theme of my article? Or What Subject I have to cover in my article? For Example " Search Engine Optimization For Beginners"

Keep Readers In Mind:
When you writing an article bear in mind that, you are writing the article for someone other than you. You should write the article so that the readers can able to follow it. The writing style of the article should match with the capability of the target viewers. You can ask the question by yourself like Whether the target viewers are technically beginners or advanced users?. If the target users are beginners then the article should be written in lucid style so that it can be easily understood by them

Keyword Rich Article Topic:
Choosing the keyword rich title for the article will greatly influence the search engines and also the viewers . So before start writing the article, it was better to experiment the keyword analysis with the key word tools like overture, SEO book available on net.

Placing Of Keywords:
After finding the relevant keyword, place the keyword in the appropriate place in the articles by the way that it will influence the search engines and viewers. For Example If you writing the article about SEO Training then place the appropriate keyword in the article and embed the hyperlink to your website like I did. Don't place too many keywords and spam the article, select two or three selectively and use them effectively.

Planning The Article Structure:
Properly organized article is getting more readership than improperly organized article although having the rich content. Today the most of the article directories are following their structure for article submissions.

Basically the article should contain * Title of the article * Summary of the article * Body of the article * Conclusion (optional , if used it could be better) * Bio Grapy and signature * Copyright notice (optional)

Write what you experienced:
A successful article writer presents his article in the form of what he/she experienced for the particular subject. Don't be over smart, the readers need not to be a beginner in a subject so share what you experienced personally and respect the readers.

Article Content:
The article should be free form errors or misleading information. As far as possible the article should, reduce the grammatical errors, unnecessary characters, and design symbols. Poorly written article will create bad impression on the writers and their products/services.

Use Short paragraphs:
When you writing the article, try to break the sentences into paragraphs and make the viewers easier to read. When breaking the sentences makes sure that the aligned paragraphs are grouped into meaningful paragraphs.

Reference Links:
If need, put the reference subjects for further reading. Put the hyper links in particular keywords that may need further reference for the viewer.

Review Before Posting:
After writing the article take some time to review the article by your self, I always review my article before I present it to the readers. Forwarding the articles to your friends and staffs and getting opinion from them is also a good practice.

Conclusion: Planning the article objectives, following the viewer friendly article structure and good writing practice lead to quality of the article writing.

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