Instant Ways of Getting Backlinks

Instant Ways To Load Your Blog With Backlinks

If you have a blog don't waste your time.Here you find proven methods to get backlinks. Most methods can be used to get links to your website, but some are exclusive for blogs. Some methods give you one way links, other help you make a lot of blog link exchanges fast. The fastest way to start is to join a forum.

Forums are extremely valuable, if you know how to use them to get backlinks. Most members are just like you, eagerly searching for link exchanges. Find internet marketing or seo related forums, or any forum that has a section to trade, swap or buy links.Then simple post your request, reply to other requests and the one thing few do is private message members. In no time you can have a lot of links on your blog.

Second thing you can do is find blogs that have a lot of link partners on their blog roll, or in the links section on their sidebar. Then contact the blog owner for a blog link exchange but also visit his link partners.They are already actively making link exchanges so it is the best time to ask them.

Few blogs that have a simple text link that links to a submission form on their blog. You can put a text link in your links section, saying something like, would you like your link here?


Rss submission can boost your pagerank in no time. There are a ton of rss directories and even software to automate the submission.

If you submit your site to blog directories I do not suggest you link back to blog directories that contain nothing else but links. Most will tell you to put their badge, image or whatever on your blog to link back to them. If it is optional avoid it, if the directory has no content, but just links.


If you want to customize your blog template, your links section does not appear on all your blog pages. It should only appear on the homepage, or you loose a lot of pagerank from your other pages.

Are you a good writer?

You can ask other bloggers to become a co author for their blog. You post your blog posts on their blogs as well. In return you can link to your blog from the bio section. Do not worry about the duplicate content theory. The other thing to keep in mind is to link to your blog from the article itself. It is much better than from your bio section which is the about me section.

If your blog is a company blog, or you just added a blog to your website, it is a good idea to link to your blog from your homepage and from other pages. The more you link to it the better. The other thing you need to do is remove those unwanted links. For example login info in wordpress, a link to Blogger or Wordpress. If you want to display them for some reason, at least put the nofollow tag on them, so spiders ignore them. They will not pass any pagerank to them.


Even too many links pointing to your internal blog pages harms a bit your pagerank. For example you can make the previous posts section shorter. Instead of displaying 10 posts, show 7. Instead of putting the archive section as text links, you can use a drop down menu.Spiders do not open drop down menus, so visitors will still benefit and your blog does not looses pagerank because of too many internal links.

Any extra pages you add like about us and other similar pages can be put with the nofollow tag on them. You do not want to use nofollow tags on your link partners of course and your previous posts section. Those are the most important pages you want to get indexed. Here we are talking about some simple changes to your blog.

So with a little care, some tweaks and a good link building campaing your blog can rock the search engines. The pagerank gets a heavy boost and you attract more link exchange partners.

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