Link Strategy Secrets

Building Link Popularity Strategy Secrets

You do not have to be a search engine optimization expert to get good page rankings. Follow these link popularity basics and you will get good search engine rankings over a long period of time.

(1)Google mentions on their site that a link from Yahoo and Open Directory constitutes as a vote of quality as in the Google webmaster guidelines. Get listed in the two most important directories on the web. Google favours older websites and applies a sandbox filter for new sites making it difficult for webmasters to spam the search engine. It can take a new website up to 12 months to rank well in the organic listings. A link from these websites will definitely help new websites to break out of the Google sandbox.

(2)List your website in second tier directories like Best Of The Web,, MSN BCentral and Gimpsy. You can also list your website in a few third tier directories like Joeant and UncoverTheNet.

(3)Google trusts Wikipedia even more than Open Directory. Getting a link here will definitely boost your rankings. However if you submit a link for your home page it will very likely be removed and considered as spam. The secret to getting listed in Wikipedia is to have a very professional and informative article on a niche topic. Then in the niche category on Wikipedia you can suggest your article as an external link and you will still find your link in a months time.

(4)Search for popular forums related to your niche. Register for them and create a signature with anchor text based on your keywords. Submit regular informative posts and helpful. You will gain link popularity and people who read your posts will also click on to your website.

(5)Do a search on Google for the top websites for your related niche and get those websites to link to you. On topic links will boost your search engine rankings, but avoid too much reciprocal linking as Google will penalize you.

(6)You can write your way using articles to the top of search engines. Submit your polished article to the major article directories like Ezinearticles, Goarticles, Article Dashboard and Article Alley. You will good quality links pointing back to your website.

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