Ways to Increase Back link

8 Ways to Increase Back link

Back link Building Tip #1:

Increase Google page ranking by adding your website to the free Qassia directory. You'll get unlimited quality back links (as opposed to "no-follow" back links), and you don't have to add reciprocal back links.

Back link Building Tip #2:

Host your own affiliate program on your own server. Sure it takes more work: you have to set it up, administer it and pay out the affiliate checks. However, if you use an affiliate service, such as Commission Junction, the links point to the affiliate service and get redirected to your site. A more effective strategy is to host your own affiliate program, so all those affiliate links point directly to you. You can find affiliate programs, some of which may be free at The CGI Resource Index (Bill Gentry with Look Sharp Designs)

Back link Building Tip #3:

Increase Google page ranking by finding linking opportunities within discussion lists related to your site’s topic. Warning: do so responsibly and carefully (in other words, don't join a discussion list for the sole purpose of getting back links. Participate and add value to the discussion group). Try Yahoo Groups, which has thousands of topical discussion groups on almost any topic. I often send short posts to appropriate lists with links for my clients’ sites, and if you do so properly, it is very effective. (Eric Ward, President, Net POST and URL wire)

Back link Building Tip #4:

Anywhere you can leave your link, do it: in chat rooms, guest books and social networking sites (the warning from tip #3 applies here as well). You would be surprised at where your link turns up on search engines when you start doing this. And if the search engine has found it, then it adds to your link popularity. (Don Hammond at Dolomite.com)

Back link Building Tip #5:

Now that Google indexes the content of newsgroups, if you post to related newsgroups, be sure to use a signature line with your link and appropriate link text. (Robin Nobles of Search Engine Workshops, Online Search Engine Marketing Courses, and the TNT-Guides for Successful Web Sites.

Back link Building Tip #6:

Ask a question at a site that has a question and answer page and include a link. Post questions on forums that allow links. Post into the newsgroups. Include an e-mail tail tag. Put it on your T-shirt. Include it as a sticker with each shipped order. Tattoo it on your forehead. Tell your mom. Get a vanity license plate. (Michael Campbell with Internet Marketing Secrets)

Back link Building Tip #7:

The number one way I've built link popularity is by offering a good information product or service, establishing a good conversion on the site, and then getting super affiliates. I've found that getting super affiliates multiplies the number of regular affiliates I'm able to get. All of this leads to hundreds of inbound links. It takes a very disciplined approach, but one I've found very effective. (Jon Keel with Improved Results)

Back link Building Tip #8:

I'm surprised at how many people don't have their link in their signature line of their e-mail. (Don Hammond at DonOmite.com)

These tips will help you to increase your site's page rank.Cheers!


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