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* Blogwise India - is a directory listing blogs by country.

* India Blogs - Listing Indian Bloggers by blogging niche

* India Bloggers Ring - For those who like networking within sites, try the concept of webrings. Add a code, and people interested in Indian bloggers will surf around the webring.

* Technorati India Blogs - You can claim your blog, add an India tag and you will get listed in the technorati Indian blogs listing. More.

* Best Blogs in Asia-India - you can submit your blog here and they will verify if you deserve to be one of the best Indian / Asian blogs and add you. Link back optional.

* Blogflux India Directory - another directory listing Indian blogs.

* Blogdup India - yet another Indian blogs directory.

* Desi Blogs - India centric blog directory.

* Surfindia- Surfindia, an india directory, is the most reliable source of India Information.

*Blog directory India-Submit blogs in blog directories to the suitable category and increase visibility, traffic to blogs.

* Kamat Blog Portal - is a listing of Indian weblogs. You can suggest your blog for inclusion. Their spider “Narad” comes visiting and will suggest the chances of your inclusion. You need to provide a link back. Be sure to have some India related content.

* Blogstreet India - is a directory which lists your Indian blog by city and topic category. You could make it to the top India blogs if you are sufficiently blogrolled.

Get popular with your site in India.

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