Free Google Traffic

Did you ever wanted to have Free Traffic to your website, here is the easy way which i also use to get Free Traffic. Trust me it works though it will take some time.. So, why don't you give a try..

What is this ?
I found something by accident that provides traffic through google images .

How to Do it ?
Lets say your site is related to "Mr. Bean"
Search "Mr. Bean" under .

Choose any picture of choice that is preferably suitable for you . Right Click on the image which are being shown in the listing and copy an image at your site .

The image urls would be like for example - ... 520big.jpg

Now paste the image with the same google image url at your site .

You are done .

Why do your site gets hit by traffic
I really don't know the working of the google search engine . All you should care is the traffic you are getting for free.

Get about 30-100 uniques per image per day depending upon the image and popularity .
Traffic is almost permanent , it might reduce some days but never stops .


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