Traffic Generation Basics

You may already know all of the various traffic generation basics, but still find that your site still isn’t getting the amount of traffic that it deserves. This could be happening for a variety of reasons, and it is important to find out what those reasons are and make the necessary corrections.

The first thing to consider is what you are currently doing in terms of marketing. Are you actually using the traffic generation basics to get traffic? Do you even have a marketing plan? Marketing can be very time consuming, but if you want traffic, it is necessary. The days of ‘build it and they will come’ are over. There are billions of websites in existence, and unless you tell them you’ve built it, they aren’t coming! Don’t wait for them to come – go out and drag them in!

If you do have a marketing plan, and you actually are using the traffic generation basics, and you still aren’t getting the traffic, take a look at your marketing materials. Your signature files, your short ads, your solo ads, your PPC campaign text, and everything else you use in your traffic generation endeavors should be located in one file. Take a long look at it all. Maybe your words aren’t working.

Are you allowing enough time to employ your marketing plan each week? 90% of your working hours should be spent marketing your website and generating traffic. Most successful Internet Marketers make sure that they are working enough hours, and putting in the marketing time needed to make the income that they desire. Are you doing this? If not, you need to take a look at your schedule and make some changes.

If you are involved in joint venture deals, and you aren’t getting traffic, that is a real problem. It is time to take a look at those deals and see if you are in fact benefiting from them. If not, maybe it is time to find new JV partners who can get you the traffic that you need. It may also be a simple question of reworking an existing deal that you have with your current JV partners.

Take a look at your links as well. Do this by looking at your website statistics. Are the sites that are linking to you sending you any traffic? If not, you need to start a new linking campaign that will enable you to find sites that will send you the traffic you need. What about the forums that you are posting in? Are they as active as they once were? Start searching for new communities to hang out in to employ some traffic generation basics.

Take a long hard look at your marketing plan, and note what is working and what is not working. Try to determine what the problem is with the marketing actions that are not working, and do a little research to determine ways that you can improve what is working. If you don’t have a written marketing plan, now is the time to make one. You should write down what you are marketing, how you will market it, the marketing materials that you will use, and the amount of time you will spend on each marketing task each day or week.

Traffic is everything. If you’ve tried everything that you can think of and nothing is working to your satisfaction, maybe it is time to bring in some hired guns for traffic generation basics. Visit to find more information on getting the help that you need right away! Traffic generation is an ongoing process. There is no end in site. Think about the big sites like Yahoo – even Yahoo still uses traffic generation basics!


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