How to Make 10 Dollars Per Day From AdSense

If you are learning how to make money from AdSense you should give yourself a realistic target to aim for. If you really want to achieve the task of making money like $10 per day from AdSense you should consider doing the following things to make your wish a reality.

Create Several Niche Websites

If you make and create 10 niche websites then your aim of making $10 per day can be achieved by making $1.00 per site per day. This is an easy figure to achieve if you choose a lucrative niche subject. Once you have checked how much your keyword is searched on a daily or monthly basis, you can also find out how much advertisers are willing to pay Google in order to have their ads produced. If you choose keywords that are worth more that $1.00 per click then you will reach your $10 target in no time.

If you are really good at your keyword research and you pick a subject matter that has very little competition then you will hit the jackpot and be on the front page of the search engines and your income will be easily made.

Creating 10 completely different niche websites may sound like a lot of work but once you make your first website you can repeat the general process of keyword research, competition research, checking how lucrative your niche is, writing keyword specific articles and lastly monetizing your sites.

Get these basic things done right and you will be on your way to making $10 a day from AdSense. With luck you could make even more.


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