How to Increase Earnings Per Click

  1. Create authentic, valuable, well-thematized webpage content. The potential of conversion of your content is analyzed. Put your marketing skills into creating pages that pre-sell. Good content will increase also your CTR attracting thus higher CPC ads.
  2. Strive for improving CTR. Any action in this direction will be beneficial. Adsense™ will serve higher value ads to sites registering high ads CTR, for thus its profit will increase too. From this, higher CTR, higher possibility of conversion, thus higher EPC.
  3. Study AdSense™'s payment system and analyze your site from the perspective of “smart” pricing.
  4. The choice of the right keywords and phrases (not just the highest paying ones).

    You can make a good profit from using phrases containing keywords that pay well instead of simple keywords, that way you get into a niche where the competitivity is lower and the chances to get higher EPC are greater.

  5. Target the right markets. Businesses with a higher profit margin will afford to spend more on marketing.
  6. Tracking, testing, previewing. Track the activity of your pages, see which perform better, concentrate on the type of content that generates good or at least decent earnings, optimize pages and use the preview tool to see what happens, if the resulting ads are as expected.

    Remember to always preview the geographically targeted ads. Some of these might be lower paying.


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