How to easy cash with Google Adsense

Generating easy cash with Google Adsense

Google offers you a way to generate income on your own website or blog, even if you don’t have any products to sell. Could you use an extra $100, $1000 or more per month??

Then each and every time a visitor clicks on a Google Ad on your website, you receive money from that click. It's really that simple. So the formula above holds very true, 'Adsense + Visitors = Extra money.'
First the location for Google Adsense :
There have been numerous studies done that tracked where people usually look when they are looking at a webpage. These studies are known as heat maps.
That’s pretty common. And highly effective. Other popular places are on the right hand side of the page.
Many people are now adding Google Adsense to the top of their page as well. And anytime anyone clicks on those ad, that webmaster makes money.
Google then pays out each month that the total of your account is $100 or more. And to be honest, it isn’t that hard to make $100 with Google Adsense. I know for a fact that you can build a website, start generating cash and within 2 months get your first of many to $100+ checks to come.
So, what's the easiest way to generate cash with Adsense??. Simple. Do some research and pick high paying keywords.
Finally, add the Google Adsense and your in business. Except hang on just one minute. Google doesn't want you to build websites just so you can profit from Adsense, so you'll also need to add something else to your site to distinguish it. So simply add a forum or some affiliate products or a blog, etc.
There are now numerous people out there are who making tons of money off of what is now called Adsense Content Sites. And the way they are doing this is by building many different simple sites for various high paying keywords. Then they place on each one Google Adsense Ads.
And the rules according to Google are you can have up to 3 different Google Ad Blocks on any one web page.

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